The Inception

Welcome  to the maiden memoir of a seeking vagabond. I would like to make my ideology transparent before my readers in this very first account.

                                                        Ladies and Gentlemen, in a nutshell I can describe this space as a microwave oven rather than a blogger’s arena. The oven that I refer to is here an abstract space for baking new thoughts,philosophies,dreams,feelings and aesthetics. This vagabond is also a hypothetical concept conceived from a need of a person to convey his/her experience in this universe of chaos, in a world that makes perfect sense to some and a perfect non-sense to some other…

                                                     From time immemorial man has never ceased to end his search for the meaning of life….while the question of an absolute reality is absurd ,mankind relies on the relative perspectives that he has witnessed in the so called timeline of homosapien rule that still prevails on this small planet called earth. Well,I am not someone who wants to find a total meaning to this infinite loop of a paradox called life, I would rather be interested in drawing some conclusions based on our everyday live experiences or rather I would stick on to the terminology of LIVEFICTION that I would like to use at times. Books,movies,poetry,literature and every other miraculous contributions of mankind will serve as tools for this vagabond’s thoughts…..I hope this endless journey goes along well……


                                                                                                              (pic courtesy:google images)


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